I never ever imagine before.. that one day I’ll be doing what I’m doing now.. ( and actually liking it ^^ )

Growing up in a busy city of Jakarta, with both parent working ..
my ambition was to become a corporate woman, wearing a fashionable suit to work and running on a high heel 24x7… mmm… I’d love that!

What about you?
But soon.., I discover my hidden interest which I never realized before.. ( *Aha!! )
The hints are..

I love to hang out at my kitchen.. ,

I love getting my self some good kitchen equipments ( and use them respectively )

I love watching ‘Martha Steward’ baking session… and never get enough of it.. ,
and than I started to collect all baking material, like books, pictures, recipes, and try them at home..

I love having cakes for dessert, examining their ingredients while tasting it in my tongue..,

I find a sense of ‘peace’ whenever I’m having my own baking session…

and my favourite character in desperate housewife is ‘Bree’ the red hair elegant lady who bakes wonderful goodies ( *tralalala…)

ps : the above pictures are not belong to me. i collected them from various webpage, but it's been a long time that i've lost all references. so if coincidentally the pictures i use is belong to you and you want me to remove it, kindly let me know ya.. thank you!!