Beauty is more than a skin deep.

I believe.. everything that I do, will reflect the true me.
Surely I want all to look and feel good… ^^
So.. I always try to focus on happy moments.. happy times.. happy thought..

i wish i can do this.. lying on a pretty green field with wild pretty flowers.. but before that i need to find the suitable spot.... mmm... (any idea where to go ?? ^^ )

i found this quite a long time ago from the internet.. so sorry i couldn't credit the creator..lost all references :(
but i'd like to extend it as i find this list very inspiring and positive ^^

i know you can do it!! :)

It's my natural anti aging remedies

that I am putting on a great measure of love in everything I do… never half heartedly

Surely I experience trial and error from my humble beginning.., burn cakes, undercooked cakes, stonehard cupcakes.. and no doubt I’ve received mountains of critics from everyone everywhere!
But these experience built me into the person I am today ^^

in the end.. all i'm counting on is those happy smiles from the labor of love i've done :)


I never ever imagine before.. that one day I’ll be doing what I’m doing now.. ( and actually liking it ^^ )

Growing up in a busy city of Jakarta, with both parent working ..
my ambition was to become a corporate woman, wearing a fashionable suit to work and running on a high heel 24x7… mmm… I’d love that!

What about you?
But soon.., I discover my hidden interest which I never realized before.. ( *Aha!! )
The hints are..

I love to hang out at my kitchen.. ,

I love getting my self some good kitchen equipments ( and use them respectively )

I love watching ‘Martha Steward’ baking session… and never get enough of it.. ,
and than I started to collect all baking material, like books, pictures, recipes, and try them at home..

I love having cakes for dessert, examining their ingredients while tasting it in my tongue..,

I find a sense of ‘peace’ whenever I’m having my own baking session…

and my favourite character in desperate housewife is ‘Bree’ the red hair elegant lady who bakes wonderful goodies ( *tralalala…)

ps : the above pictures are not belong to me. i collected them from various webpage, but it's been a long time that i've lost all references. so if coincidentally the pictures i use is belong to you and you want me to remove it, kindly let me know ya.. thank you!!